Lost Child Vol. 1 – Anguish in the Nantahala e-book will be available free June 15th!

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Lost Child Vol 1 now available on amazon

When nine year-old Abby disappears during a family rafting adventure on the Nantahala River it affects each member of the Carter family differently. Fundamentally a story about the lengths to which a father will go in search for his missing child, Lost Child (Volume One) – Anguish in the Nantahala, does not disappoint.

After reading it you will want to read Lost Child (Volume TwoI) – Retribution in the Nantahala (Due to be released in April, 2012). These first two books in the Lost Child series are 50,000(+) words each and are best enjoyed in sequence.

By the end of Lost child (Volume One), Anguish, you will have experienced some of the anguish, the uncertainty and the deep sense of loss her Father, Hank Carter, has gone through.

You cannot fail to be involved.

Anguish brings to the surface and explores the repressed dread of losing a child that is inside every parent.

Whether you go on to purchase or just “Look Inside” the next volume to satisfy your curiosity, Lost Child (Volume Two) – Retribution in the Nantahala, will take you all the way to the dramatic conclusion of the incident that started in the Nantahala River Gorge.

Subsequent volumes, when published, will take you in new directions with many of the same characters but in different regions of America. For those of you who are not familiar with the Nantahala Region of western North Carolina, the “Nanny” is perhaps the most popular destination in America for river-rafting family fun. You may want to search the web for information, maps and videos of the Nantahala region to enhance your enjoyment of this series and perhaps to plan your next summer adventure.

Don’t let the innocent-looking cover fool you. The Lost Child series is a gripping crime drama that contains depictions of violence and subject matter that is not suitable for minors. Recommended for adults only.